DMS Cloud User Manual

DMS v.1.14.X

DMS Cloud Export

Export Data To DMS Cloud With Data Reader

To export job data to DMS Cloud with Data Reader, click on “Export to DMS Cloud” checkbox. Cloud Export service starts exporting after pressing Start. Field Export to Cloud can be disabled when:

  • option disabled  in DMS Settings
  • no valid license “Cloud Export

Exporting can be started anytime during job. Cloud Export will export all data from begining of the job.

Cloud Export exports only selected channels in Cloud Service Settings window: http://localhost:7001/settings. If minimum one of connected units doesn’t have defined channel list Cloud Export will show error and redirect to settings window.

Export Data To DMS Cloud With Cloud Export Service

To export job data to DMS Cloud open internet browser, connect to localhost at port 7001 http://localhost:7001 select job(s) to export and click “START EXPORT”. Multiple jobs at a time can be selected. For real time jobs icon “live” will be displayed. 

Cloud Export exports only selected channels in Settings window. If minimum one of connected units doesn’t have defined channel list Cloud Export will show error and redirect to settings widnow.

One Job Password / Job Link

By exporting real time job system generates a One Job Password and Job Link which allows to login in DMS Cloud without having an user account in DMS Cloud. Users logged in this way can see data only from that job. OJP expires automatically 3 days after end of the job.

One Job Password can be enabled and disabled by company administrator in DMS Cloud settings.

Export Settings

Cloud Export allows user to select channels to be exported to DMS Cloud. Service won’t start exporting without defined channel lists. To set channel lists go to http://localhost:7001 and open “Settings” tab.

Beside selecting channel there are two possibilites more:

  • None:  do not send any channels
  • “All channels”: send all channels

“None” and “All channels” options are recomended for units with variable channel lists like DataCreator, BHC and BHP.

RSP (requires special privilegdes) property allows to make channels invisible for users logged in DMS Cloud with One Job password or accounts with disabled option “Access to all channels”.

Login, account registration

Sign In

To sign in in DMS Cloud open a website, enter registered account credentials end click “SIGN IN” button.

Not registered yet? Use demo account:


password: dmssuitedemo

One Job Password

One Job Password allows to login in system without user account and watch data only from that job which the password is generated for. OJP is generated automatically when job starts and displayed in Cloud Export. Password expires three hours after end of the job. It means that nobody can login with that password anymore.

Register Account

Register an account is possible only with valid DMS Cloud license. Contact your software distributor to get a DMS Cloud License ID. Then open a website, enter License ID, email address, password and click “SIGN UP”. DMS Cloud server will send you an email with confirmation. To complete registration process click on the link in received email.

Change Password

In case you forgot your password open website and click “Forgot ?” button. Enter your email address and click “SEND”. You will get an email with password reset link. Follow instruction in email.


Add New Item

To add a new item to dashboard click on “+ NEW ITEM” button and choose an item from a list.

First selected item will redirect to Job selection window.

Choose Job

Job selection window is shown only by adding first item. System remember the job and automatically assign to next items.

To show data from more that one job simulteanously open in browser separate tab or window.

Select Channels

Items with select item window allows to select channels to be shown and choose unit

Digital View

Digital View displays current values in digital form. Recomended for channels like totals, averages, minimum or maximum values.

Chart View

Chart View plots channel data in chart form.

Event Logger

Event Logger shows all events and comments added by DMS operator.

Data Table View

In Data Table View recorded data is displayed in table form.

Export Data To CSV File

To export data to CSV add Data Table” item, select channels and in menu choose Export Data to CSV.

Export To CSV is invisible for users logged in with One Job Password and user accounts with disabled option “Download data file”.

Export Data To CSV Settings

Delimeter symbol:

Decimal point separator:

Date and time export format:

Window Templates

Load Window Template

Windows templates allow very quick start watching data. To load window template click button “Load template”, choose job to load data from, select template and click “Load”. 

Save Window Template

To save window template just click on button “SAVE TEMPLATE”. For better orientation or just saving time give as descriptive name as posssible like: Frac Job, Acid Job, Coiled Tubing… Job. Then add some additional information like simple, advanced, metric, oilfield, customer, engineer and so on. 

Save template is invisible for users logged in with One Job Password and accounts with disabled option “Manage templates”

User Accounts

Create Account

With User Accounts users can access DMS cloud using login and password. Accounts can be created for engineers, operator or even customers. User account can be created only by company admin.

In User Accounts Settings you can setup some restrictions that user has access only to data dedicated for him. 

To create a new account open tab “USERS” adn click “+ NEW USER”.


Account Settings

Accounts settings allow to create account for engineers, operators or customers. Proper account settings ensure that your data will not fall into the wrong hands.

In user account settings there are following attributes to set:

  • Admin: all rights together with creating and editing user accounts
  • Validity time: set start and end validity time for that account
  • Accessed Licenses – restrict access to one or more data senders
  • Accessed Jobs – restrict access to certain job(s)
  • Access to all channels – channels with setted property RSP (see Cloud Export settings) will be invisible for that user
  • Download data file – enabled option allows user to download CSV data file
  • Manage templates – allows users to save and delete templates.

Delete Account

To delete account go to User Account Settins and click “DELETE ACCOUNT”


Color Theme

With color themes you can choose your favorite view. To change color theme click on button on bottom of the website “Light” or “Dark”


Language switcher is located on the bottom of the website.