Real time job monitoring

Prime WSI offers you versatile data acquisition software DMS with simple and advanced real time visualization.

Start your data acquisition within a 3 seconds

Save your time! With window templates start data acquisition by clicking icons on desktop.


Simple data acquisition

Do you need simple data acquisition software? With DMS you can start recording data very fast and easy generate customized Job Report.



Go prepared to the field! Generate job data at office based on your pumping schedule. Job Simulation tool calculates friction,  surface pressure, totals and much more. Prepared design use during job for real time BHP calculation. 



Big job, mixed equipment and customer on side? Customise your charts, show 3D wellbore visualisation, display job progress on multiple screens and share online or offline with multiple computers even with 3rd-party software.

Easy post job report

Generate fast report using Quick Job Report or use Extended Job Report tool to customize its content.


Event Logger / Job Properties

Track job progress in Event Logger. Add events and display channels data at event’s time stamp. Use Job Properties to save customer name, job destination and all other information about job. 


Filtering, modifying data

Be professional and give your customer good looking job report by filtering data plots or modifying corupted data. You can edit your data multiple times easily in our Chart View. Don’t worry DMS will keep your modified as well as original data.



You don’t have to be watching continuosly if pumping pressure or oil temperature is to high. Setup alarms and let DMS inform you when critical values exceeded. Set alarms independentlty for all incoming as well as generated channels.



Have you ever had problems with connecting your equipment to your software? With our Data Reader you can connect unlimited units at a time via:

  • asci data (serial port, TCPIP)
  • modbus (ascii, RTU, TCP, memograph)
  • wits

Generate custom channels

Need to generate custom channels based on incoming data in real time? Use Data Creator and do it!



Import and Export

With “Import from text file” you can convert data into DMS format, display in DMS and make a job report.

Need to send data to customer in certain format or just see it in Excel? Export selected data with “Export to text file” feature.  

How it works


  See our DMS User Manual >>>

Not sure if DMS will meet your requirements?

Ask your distributor for 3-months trial license and check it out.

Still have questions?

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